LEMA Learning Management Admin Template

LEMA is a complete Multi-Layout learning management system admin template with a unique style providing a great user experience for all LMS platforms from online to offline studying.

LEMA provides a complete range of HTML components and pages varying from student/instructor dashboards to course management and profile pages.


  • Bootstrap 4.4.1
  • 3x Layouts
  • Multiple Dashboard
  • Complete UI components packs (student, author, admin)
  • Drag & Drop features
  • Skinable (Easily change colors)
  • 100+ ui components
  • Fully Responsive
  • RTL alignment
  • Valid HTML

Student Highlights

  • Dashboard - Summary student specific page with stats and components
  • Series - Page with a group of courses bundled together
  • Courses - Page listing available courses with filters and purchase buttons
  • Lessons - Page showcasing a course with lessons
  • Take Course - Page where the student can take a course and browse through lessons
  • Take Quiz - Quiz page when finishing a course a student can take a quiz.
  • Profile - Student profile page is showcasing the student basic info plus their academic level
  • Many more

Instructor Highlights

  • Dashboard - LMS Page where Instructor can view the summary/statistics each day
  • Manage Courses - Course Learning Manager page where you filter/choose a course to manage
  • Manage Lessons - Edit lesson page with multiple targeted input fields and video upload block
  • Edit Quiz - Quiz editable page with drag & drop features sorting questions and answers
  • Earnings - Page with reports and statistics
  • Profile - Author Profile with courses and personal information
  • Many more

Coming Soon

  • Color Variation
  • Extra Pages - New Contextual Pages
  • Laravel Version
  • Rails Version
  • Sketch (Design) Files

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  • Bootstrap Version 4.4.1
  • Created 25 Feb 20
  • Updated 25 Feb 20
  • Version 1.0.0
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